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Hotel Rates

General conditions of sale

The hotel reserves the right to refuse the reservation in the event that the official accredited bodies do not validate the credit card number.

When booking, the payment of a deposit of 30% minimum (99% maximum) will be requested, i.e.:
by e-mail by sending the bank card number (card number + expiry date + last 3 digits on the back of the card),
either by telephone (0495386031) by giving us the bank card number,
either by mail (hotel Accendi Pipa - RN 193 - 20252 Campitello) by sending a bank check to which you will have attached a copy of both sides of your identity card).

The reservation is validated and guaranteed by the customer's credit card number.
The balance of the amount of the stay will be paid within 14 days prior to the client's arrival.

In general, animals are not allowed unless expressly agreed. In this case,
customers arriving with an animal are required to ensure that no inconvenience of any kind whatsoever will be caused in the room and within the premises of the establishment, failing which, compensation calculated according to the incident (ranging from 10 to 100% of the price of the night) will be paid by the customer.

In general, arrival at the hotel must be before 10 p.m. (local time in the country of the hotel). For an arrival beyond this time, the customer will contact the hotel by telephone on 0495386031.
The customer is reminded that, as our hotel does not have night service, it is up to him to make all arrangements with the hotelier concerning his conditions and times of arrival.

Accommodation rates are subject to change by the hotelier during the year, however any confirmed reservation cannot be subject to change. These rates and conditions may not be renewed for subsequent reservations.

Reservations made during promotional periods cannot be canceled or modified.
During the promotion period, the reservation only becomes final upon payment of a deposit corresponding to 30% of the amount of the entire stay. The amount of the deposit debited will not be refunded in the event of no-show or early departure.

Terms of cancelation :
A reservation can be canceled up to 14 days before the arrival date. A period of less than 14 days or a non-cancelled reservation on which the customer has not presented himself will give rise to the following invoicing:
Charge for the entire stay.
Accendi Pipa
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